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I bought a beautiful deep purple yarn (Herrschners Whisper Soft Deep Purple) to make one of the patterns from Afghans on the Double, but each time I started the afghan, I had to stop. I had thought that the deeper purple would bring more drama to what I considered to be a rather dull afghan.   However, it was too overpowering in a solid pattern.  I realized that I needed to soften the deep purple with a pale lilac, and possibly an orchid.  I searched for a basic ripple pattern in my library, and settled on Leisure Arts’ Vintage Ripple, p. 104 of Quick and Cozy Afghans.  Using two strands throughout, and Rows 1 and 2 of the pattern only, repeating row 2 to the desired length, I began to conceive what I eventually called Purple Pinstripes.

Purple Pinstripes

Purple Pinstripes

The pale lilac blends with white and grey neutrals.  The deep purple is dark enough to be considered a black.  The pinky orchid yarn is an offset that will work with many neutral decors.

The purple stripes start slowly increasing from one row, to two rows, then onto three and fours rows in the middle, tapering back down to two and then one row toward the top. I inset a double pinstripe of deep purple in the center.

I used a purple stripe yarn on Rnd 1 of the border, and the deep purple on Rnd 2.  It looks better against a white background, than it does here in my earth tones great room.  Overall, this was very nice.

I’m thinking of another version with white as the background, and using pinstripes of lilac, orchid and deep purple, and just using one of the solids as the border (’cause I have a lot of deep purple yarn left over).  What do you think?