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I looked for a special pattern for the Red Heart Soft Charcoal.  I mentioned in the post for Deco Ripple that I had to rethink the use of this yarn.  At the time I wanted to pair it with Lion Brand’s Tweed Stripes Marble.  But, they just refused to work together.  The yarns knew better than I did.  So, I had the Soft Charcoal on hand, and was trying to marry a second yarn with it, continuing in a trend I was pursuing combining different colors.  Several swatches later, I realized the charcoal didn’t need a second strand of a different color.  It is so beautiful it needed to stand alone.  I also chose to use a lacy Victorian pattern to highlight this yarn.

Midnight Lace

Midnight Lace

Adapted from Leisure Arts, Afghans A to Z, Pretty in Peach, p 43.  I left off the fringe (have I mentioned that I don’t like fringe?), and adjusted the measurements for two strands of yarn.  This adds a compelling, must scrunch feel.  You just want to cuddle under this one.

You will need about 80 oz of Red Heart Soft Charcoal.  Change the beginning chain to 110.  The rows will come out to 108 stitches ea with 9 ch2 spaces.  Gage: 8 dc = approx.  4″.