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My sister asked for something black and white.  I was struck by the texture of one particular pattern, but again, the colors, IMHO, did not take advantage of the texture.  I also had Red Hearts Soft Charcoal, which I wanted desperately to pair with Lion Brand’s Tweed Stripes Marble.  But, every time I began working with both strands together, I was not satisfied.  They wouldn’t flow, and the colors were not what I had expected.

This is an important lesson.  No matter how much you think the yarns should match, you can’t force them.  The entire project will not only look bad, but you will not enjoy the work.  So, after several tries, I finally gave up.  I put the Charcoal aside for another project, and began testing swatches of different yarns that looked likely to pair with the Marble.  When I still didn’t get what I wanted, I took several yarns out of the bins at random, brought them all to the table, and tossed them.  Several days went by, where I would pick up one skein and hold it against the marble, pick up another and consider it.  I began making swatches with yarns I had never considered matching, and found a totally unexpected winner.  This is Deco Ripple.

Deco Riplle Side Arm Best

The winning combination was Lion Brand Tweed Stripes Marble with Red Heart Urban Camo.  The white bands are Red Heart Supersaver Soft White.  The pattern is Leisure Arts, Afghans on the Double, Golden Waves, p 34.  The large, open stitch work of this pattern gives it a furry look, so I wanted the yarns to give that same faux fur feel.   When my youngest daughter saw it, she liked it so well, that I happily made another one for her.   My sister watched as I worked this in front of her at Christmas, and said she liked it, too.  As, hers was already wrapped, I just smiled.

You will need 22 oz of white, and 17 oz ea of the Urban Camo and Tweed Stripes Marble.  Holding two strands together, the white bands are each three rows all throughout.  Sequence, beginning with Marble / Camo (Blk) is 3r Blk, Wh, 3r Blk, Wh, 4r Blk, Wh, 4r Blk, Wh, 5r Blk, Wh, 5r Blk, Wh, 4r Blk, Wh, 4r Blk, Wh, 3r Blk. Total 59 rows.  Enjoy.