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I spent years looking at crochet patterns and flipping past them because I didn’t like the colors used, or the pattern.  Recently, I saw one titled, “Ocean Wave”, which didn’t look anything like an ocean wave to me.  And, I thought if I were going to crochet an ocean wave afghan, it would LOOK like an ocean wave.  So, I did.  I looked for the pattern that would provide the right “movement” and adapted the colors to achieve both the wave and crest of the water crashing on shore.  Here it is, adapted from the Rustic Raised Chevron pattern from Leisure Arts Afghans on the Double, and with Red Heart’s Super Saver Soft White and Blue Tones.  

Ocean Wave Ripple Afghan

Ocean Ripple

Using approx 20 oz Wh, and 32 oz of Bl, and holding two strands; the whites are 3 rows throughout; Wh, 3r Bl, Wh, 3r Bl, Wh, 3r Bl, Wh, 4r Bl, Wh, 4r Bl, Wh, 4r Bl, Wh, 5r Bl, Wh, 5r Bl, Wh, 6r Bl, Wh, total of 66 rows.

The finished size is 50″ x 66″.  This one found a home with my eldest daughter.