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When you work full-time outside of the home, your at-home time is usually spent cooking and cleaning.  Or, maybe we elect to let the chores go and relax in front of the TV.   Either way, I am usually too tired to design a new pattern.   I want a pattern that I can easily adapt to my color choices.   You don’t have to create a new design to be creative.  Adapt on old pattern.

Their are hundreds of patterns that need a good home.  Try varying some by altering the number of rows, the colors, and the edgings.  I often find myself altering some of the stitches as I work through a pattern, so that the completed fabric will lay flatter, or I smooth the ripple to a rounder wave, etc.  Nothing has to be exactly as written.  Make it your way.  The pattern is the starting point.

I prefer solid patterns for blankets and afghans.  Lacy designs are pretty to look at, but my fingers and toes get caught in the holes.   And, they are not very warm.  So, I oooh and aaaahh at the pretty Victorian patterns, but will generally pass them by when making an afghan.

Or, look at the pattern and see it in a different place and size.  Maybe the Victorian bedspread could be a smaller table runner, or place mat.  Maybe the small coaster could be enlarged for a motif afghan.

Frilly, lacy edges are pretty to look at, but they get caught on objects, and are difficult to care for.  I will change all of the edgings on larger patterns to a “picture frame” of single crochet on the first round, and then a second round of hdc crochet in the back loops.  It’s simple, yet gives a defined and elegant edge.

It’s our imagination that is the creation.  So, adapt…..